Clay’s Industrial Supply Inc. was founded and incorporated in 2002.

We are an Alberta-owned and operated manufacturing and machining company servicing the mobile oil rig industry. From the start, our objective was to consolidate the many services and products for service rig builders and the oilfield drilling sector. We provide quality components and OEM parts that meet or exceed the standards of NSM. (National Safety Mark Road Regulations)

We have a current inventory of axels, suspensions, steering assemblies, cab & engine control units, driveline components, drawworks, and all the miscellaneous parts that support these major products. We also offer a full spectrum of machining services;

  • custom CNC machining & manufacturing,
  • driveshaft manufacturing & balancing,
  • Schenck Static or Dynamic Balancing,
  • and custom R&D/manufacturing for specialized components.

Our objective is to remain competitive and customer oriented as we produce and market products that advance and elevate the service rig industry.

2002 - 2005

We realized at that time many mobile rigs were built with all sorts of rebuilt or used axles, suspensions, and steering components that may or may not have been engineered for the oilfield industry. This just compounds the possibility for liability.

The steering systems on the majority of operating service rigs were still the old manual steering box with an activating garrison valve – this was 1960’s technology. Our plan was to provide an engineered and updated drivetrain spec for axles, suspension, and steering assembly. These components compliment each other thus allowing full control and ease of operation. Thus, eliminating the usual 4” to 6” of steering play in the wheel. So needless to say, when we opened our doors and started promoting modern, new, engineered and safe drivetrain and steering components, it was readily accepted by the service rig industry and rig manufacturers at the time.

In 2005 we started to provide completely finished wired cabs for a service rig. We noted that it was always the electrical portion that seemed to slow the project down for most small rig builders. This also helped many builders because we provided the cabs with a plug and play system that made the electrical hook up very manageable for most mechanics.

2006 - 2014

In 2006 we started to import Cooper drawworks assemblies (250 & 350 series) from the US to accommodate our Canadian customers. However, these drawworks were very heavy and poorly assembled so our customers were looking for a better alternative. In 2008 the demand for drawworks assemblies was high, so we continued to aggressively pursue this market. We partnered with Capital Rig to sell and stock the Hulkster drawworks product line. At that time our customers were eager to see this new product, even though we had not yet completed our prototype unit. That being said, Eagle Well Service gave us our first purchase order for six Hulkster 650 double drum drawworks, that was the beginning of Hulkster drawworks. We manufactured the components and Capital Rig would assemble the drawworks. We relied on the expertise of Capital’s drawworks mechanics to ensure everything was going to function efficiently and properly, and last. This resulted in a very solid and reliable product. We say that we made it too good because we don’t sell many replacement parts. To date, we have approximately 100 Hulkster Drawworks that have been successfully operating since 2008. We have inventory and parts to build your new drawworks assembly today!

In 2007 we purchased a Westport driveline machine, because every service rig has five drive shafts, we decided this was just a natural progression of the services we already provided. With this equipment all drive shafts regardless of type, function, or size, we are able to balance and service them for you. During the boom years, our shop was often open late to accommodate our customers with a rig down situation. We still offer this service but most customers are understanding and are ok with the following day's service and delivery.

From 2008 to 2011 we started to purchase CNC machines and equipment to build the drawworks parts. Our goal was to be able to build or manufacture any component on a drawworks. We have had to diversify over the past few years, which has helped to stabilize the ups and downs of the oil field industry. Today, our shop always seems to have a steady flow of work orders from our diverse customer base.

In September of 2009, we purchased the building and property where we are currently located, 6670 – 53 Avenue, Edmonton Alberta. The property is 1.55 acres and the original shop was 11,250 square feet. In 2012 we increased the building size to19,350 square feet and paved the entire property.

2015 - Present

Since 2015 the Canadian economy has been devastating to the oil patch in western Canada, so it was necessary for Clay’s Industrial to diversify and explore other sustainable revenue sources. Doing so has allowed us to operate both efficiently and proficiently, while continuing to offer our customers the parts and services they have always expected from us, even during this ever-fluctuating economy.

Since 2018 things have appeared to stabilize and we looked to the future with optimism. But then the Covid-19 pandemic hit in March 2020 the balance of that year was challenging to say the least.

In March of 2021 Environment Canada enforced the discontinuation of asbestos brakes for service rigs. Thus, the need for non-asbestos brakes came to the fore. Since March of 2021 Clay’s Industrial Supply has been collaborating with American Friction to produce a non-asbestos brake that will perform better than what is currently on the market. We have also started manufacturing ductile brake rims that give superior braking for the non-asbestos brake pads. Our goal with the new ductile rims and non-asbestos pads is to get as close to the same braking that customers had with the previous Asbestos brake block. To date things are looking positive and moving forward!